river cruise - Germany Cologne

Cologne, Germany

Germany’s fourth largest city, Cologne, is one of the destinations available on a European river cruise. It spans both sides of the Rhine River, and dates back to the first-century AD. There are many cultural and historical sites to see, and activities to participate in.

Kölner Dom

Kölner Dom means equally as much to the locals as it does to the tourists. Its twin spires are over 157 metres high, towering over the city. It is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed Site, and contains an abundance of art and religious treasures, such as the Gero Crucifix, and the Shrine of the Three Kings. The Shrine is reported to be the resting place of the kings who delivered gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the newborn baby Jesus.

It has been used for many varied purposes over its 300 years of construction, starting in 1248 and finally completed in 1880. Assorted architectural designs work together to make the inside even more spacious, with a recent addition of a kaleidoscope effect. You must see it when the sun lowers in the afternoon, and shines on the coloured glass, creating a so-called ‘symphony of light’.


Kolumba is one of the oldest museums located in Cologne. Artistic, historical, architectural, and spiritual pieces all form the rich collection. While only a few of the exhibits are permanently located in Kolumba, the majority are shown temporarily, before another takes its place.

The themes are all of a Christian nature, from centuries ago to more modern works. They are not displayed in any particular order, and each exhibition room differs in designs.

Museum Ludwig

The architectural design of Museum Ludwig is an artistic piece in and of itself. This museum also holds one of the largest collections of Picassos, and is best known for its postmodern art. These include works by Andy Warhol and Sigmar Polke (a German painter and photographer). Let the European River Cruise attendants plan your travel, and just focus on your excursions.

After visiting the museum, you can also – in the same building – visit the Kölner Philharmonic concert hall, and the Heinrich-Böll-Platz, a public square.

Peters Brauhaus

For a change in activities, Peters Brauhaus delivers a restaurant that is much-loved by tourists and locals alike. The food is excellent, and the atmosphere is inviting, with separate congregation nooks and one room with a kaleidoscopic stained-glass roof.

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