European river cruise - Basel Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Basel in Switzerland is a city in Europe that many of the European river cruise operators stop off at on their itinerary. It is a popular destination due to the wide variety of experiences there. These include cultural sites, historical sites, restaurants, and landmarks, to name a few.

Old Town

Old Town is where you will see architecture and design that has been standing since the fifteenth-century. An assortment of buildings – Town Hall, medieval churches, etc. – and structures – such as fountains – lined the cobbled streets.

Marktplatz is located right in the centre of Basel, and offers eateries, shops, groceries, and a common area for congregating. A short walk will take you to Theatreplatz, which features a unique scrap-metal fountain that was designed by the Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely. This is also the home of the Basel Theatre, that also combines unique architecture with comfort.

Fondation Beyeler

Fondation Beyeler houses the private art collection of Hildy and Ernst Beyeler. Made public to locals and tourists, you can see a range of sculptures, paintings, and exhibits, from famous artists like Picasso and lesser-known creators. These are mixed together in presentation with tribal art from Africa, Oceania, and Alaska, and the collections continue to grow, with the acquisition of both old and modern works.

The Italian architect Renzo Piano designed the building, with the garden surrounding the museum sometimes used for special exhibits. If not already included in your European River Cruise cost, the entrance fee may seem expensive, but the experience is worth it.


Fasnacht has many different definitions and ways to celebrate, and in Basel, they have the Fasnacht spring carnival. The celebrations begin at exactly four in the morning on the Monday after Ash Wednesday, when the streetlights are extinguished. A procession of men, women, and children walk through the central Basel district, dressed in costumes and masks. Lanterns shine on the paths and light the way for the crowd, musicians, and decorated floats.

The entire carnival lasts for three days, with the main parades take place on the Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and the Tuesday afternoon procession reserved for the children’s parade.

Restaurant Schlüsselzunft

Whenever you visit somewhere new, restaurants with local cuisine is always a must. Restaurant Schlüsselzunft is located in the fifteenth-century Guild House (or Town Hall). The structure and design underwent a neo-Renaissance rebuild in the early twentieth-century, and has been commended for its preservation efforts.

You can choose to dine both inside the restaurant, or in the internal courtyard, giving the patron a choice in atmosphere and view.

Bookings for events are also available, with a choice in rooms with exceptional menu options.


The Kunstmuseum is Basel’s main art museum. Its pieces primarily come from 1400 to 1600, and 1800 to present day, and, like the Fondation Beyeler, includes Picassos and Rodin along with artists still alive today.

A short walk nearby takes you to the Museum für Gegenwartskunst, which also showcases some of the Kunstmuseum’s pieces and exhibits.

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