Travel Checklist

Listed below are some considerations that we recommend for International travellers:


Make sure your passport has at least six months' validity from your planned date of return to Australia. Carry extra passport photos in case your passport is lost or stolen and you need to replace it while you're away.


Make sure that you have the right visas for the countries you are visiting or transiting and check any other entry or exit requirements. Your Euro River Cruises travel consultant will be able to advise you on whether you will require a visa for your itinerary, and if so will organise it for you.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is as essential as your passport, regardless of your travel destination. If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel! Your Euro River Cruises travel consultant will be able to recomend an appropriate level of travel insurance, and if requested will be able to organise it for you.

Register Your Travel Plans

Whether you are travelling overseas to visit family, as a tourist, for business or to live, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade encourages you to register your plans with us before you leave Australia. The registration information you provide will help us to contact or find you in an emergency - whether it is a natural disaster, civil disturbance or family emergency. It may also be used to pass other information to you such as important travel advice updates, notice of elections and information on other matters relevant to travellers and expatriates. Further details:

Check the latest travel advice ( for your destination and subscribe to receive free email notification each time the travel advice for your destination is updated. Further details: