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U By Uniworld - Super Cruise: Amsterdam To Regensburg

15 Day Super Cruise: Amsterdam To Regensburg

Super Cruise: Amsterdam To Regensburg

Days: 15

From: Amsterdam to Regensburg

Countries Visited: Holland, Belgium, Germany

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1. Embark At Amsterdam
What's up, river roaming crew? Who's pumped for 8 days of casually cruising down the Rhine? Meeting up onboard The A, we'll start as we mean to go on with a welcome shindig, drinks and some tasty Dutch street food treats. Party vibes on high, we'll then head into the bright lights of Dam for a night on the town.

2. Amsterdam Inc Haarlem
We'll be casting off from Amsterdam early this morning, but chances are you'll still be snoozing peacefully. Them's the joys of a river cruise! Waking up to the pretty Dutch countryside passing by your windown and after filling up on breakfast treats, you'll step on land for the day in Haarlem, famed for its cobblestone streets, traditional gabled houses and leafy courtyards. So, what to do? Well, you could explore the museums, kick back with lattes and stoopwaffle in one of the cosy cafes, or opt for a ME Time Optional. For the hops heads, we're heading to a brewery in a converted church, and for the adventure aficinados we've got something real special - blokarting on the beach. YouTube it, then do it. Back in Dam for the night, and it's our last one as a river dwelling crew. So, lets see this trip out in style, with a farewell dinner, tasty dutch street food, and one last night out on the town".

3. Amsterdam To Duisburg
No trip to the "Venice of the North" would be complete without a cruise around the city's iconic waterways, so that's exactly what our agenda has in store for today. On route, take note of the way in which no building is actually straight (it's legitimately crazy), and keep your eyes peeled for the narrowest house in the world (just a door's width wide!). Cruise complete, take your pick of our Optionals for how to spend the rest of the day. Maybe the house of Anne Frank has been on your must do list since forever, or perhaps it's the tulip displays at Keukenhof Gardens that you've been dreaming of. For the foodies, we've got a cheese workshop or a mixology masterclass to keep you entertained. Tonight, it's party pants on as we welcome on board one of the city's best local DJ's.

4. Duisburg To Cologne
While we sleep off our sore heads, the crew will be casting off from our Amsterdam base, headed for Cologne. But first, Duisburg, where we'll be dropping off those who are keen for a long and beautiful cycle ride into Cologne. Pretty, medieval, fun loving Cologne. We love this city, its residents love this city, and we're betting you'll love it too. And to be honest, how can you not? After dinner on board, we'll take you to the Altstadt (old town), where the gothic architecture and homely beer halls will have you seriously impressed. Speaking of beer, this evening you'll be trying Kölsch, a Cologne speciality.

5. Cologne To Koblenz Via Bonn
Cologne's Cathedral literally dominates the skyline of the city with its twin spires and is regularly voted Germany's most popular tourist attraction, so even if you're not an architecture fan, you'll still appreciate this bad boy. Our Local Guide will give you the history low down on the building and Cologne in general, and we'll also stop by the shrine containing the relics of the Three Magi (wise men). We'll stop by the pretty town of Bonn on route, most notably the birth place of Beethoven, and you can actually visit the great composer's birth house here. Ready for something special? Tonight we will dine like Kings and Queens, quite literally, as we feast on a banquet in a bonafide medieval castle. Eeekk! Think rustic food, think local Rhine wines, think lute-strumming bards and think serving wenches. Definitely more Henry VII than Red Wedding, that's for sure...After dinner (if we can roll ourselves outside), our Local Guide will show us the sites of Koblenz, starting at German Corner, a local hangout where the Rhine and the Moselle river join".

6. Koblenz To Frankfurt Via Rüdesheim And Rüsselsheim
Leaving Koblenz in our white water, today we'll enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Rhine Gorge. This part of the world is lined with more fairytale castles and ruined fortresses than anywhere else on earth, so sit back on deck and just enjoy the world passing you by. Fancy getting a little educational? Today we'll also be hosting a sommelier talk on Riesling wines, the region's most famous export, and yes there will be tastings... Big on Game of Thrones? Then you'll probably recognise the 12th century Eberbach Monastery, which was used as a filming location. Today, we're visiting with one thing on the mind - wine. We'll taste the abbey's famous Rieslings and cycle around the that order.

7. Frankfurt
Sleepy and hung over we may be, but this is our last day so we're sure as hell gonna make the most of it. First up, we're going exploring around 'Mainhattan', Europe's largest financial centre and the reason this city is home to bankers galore. Within this part of town you'll find the Old Town - pretty, winding and impressively ancient. Explore around here on foot or bike, and be sure to stop off at the Kleine Markthall for some local wares. Foodies, you can explore the market with our on board chef, stocking up on local produce for tonight's cooking class. Keen to learn about the history of the city? The Rothchilds are a good place to start, as is the Jewish museum. Tonight is our last as a river dwelling crew, so lets go out on a high note...

8. Frankfurt
More goodbye's and hello's as we enter the third and final leg of our river expedition. We're ready, you're ready, let's do this, welcoming in the latest group of comrades the only way we know how, with a delicious dinner and party. And for dessert, who fancies another go at after dark?

9. Frankfurt To Miltenberg Via Aschaffenburg
We'll be casting off from Frankfurt early this morning, but chances are you'll still be snoozing peacefully. Stopping off on route in Aschaffenburg, why not take advantage of our on board (and free to use) bicycles, freewheeling along the main river cycle route. Pretty as a postcard, Miltenberg is all traditional houses, river front vistas and medieval castles peeking through the tree tops. We'll be hitting the town with our local guide, hiking through a vineyard and nosing around a legit fairytale castle, before rewarding ourselves with some local beer at a brewery tour and tasting. Oh, and in between we'll also squeeze in a watercolour class at a local artist's studio. Now THAT is one perfect day, but we're not done yet. If your booze quota isn't quite full for the day, why not join us for a winery tour and tasting in yet another medieval castle. And if THAT'S not all, we're also offering some foodie on board experiences; pretzel making, and then a Franconian sausage BBQ on deck. #yum.

10. Miltenberg To Würzburg Via Lohr And Karlstadt
Our late night departure from Miltenberg will mean we get into Lohr (the birthplace of the real life Snow White, no less) bright and early. Cycling enthusiasts can disembark here and bicycle the route to the next stop, whilst slow risers can enjoy a leisurely breakfast and perhaps take part in our on board paint and wine class. Respectable or what? A quick stop here to pick up those who chose to cycle, then it's on to Würzburg. Pulling into medieval Würzburg at dusk, we'll jump straight into the action with an Optional visit to the Würzburg Residence, a Baroque palace famed for its grand staircase, hall of mirrors and a ceiling fresco that dwarfs the Sistine Chapel's. If you're more into all things supernatural, perhaps our lantern light tour is more your jam. Accompanying the town's Night Watchmen around the dark and winding streets, you'll stop by the aptly named Watchman pub for a strong, and well needed drink.

11. Würzburg To Kitzingen
Keen to up your kitchen game? Head out this morning to the Green Market with our on board chef, where you'll learn about and pick up ingredients for tonight's slow food cooking class. For those looking to head further afield, we've also got an Optional excursion to Rothenburg on the cards, arguably the prettiest town, and certainly the most romantic, in all of Germany. Today's all about our cooking class, where chef will impart his wisdom on all things Franconian slow food, then, full stuffed, we'll kick back and snuggle down for a group movie night.

12. Kitzingen To Bamberg
Our genius crew have done it again, getting us into Bamberg whilst we slept soundly in our beds. Fill up on breakfast today, as we've got ALL the activities on offer. First up, we'll explore the beer capital of Franconia in the way we've become accustomed - by bike. If it's the beer you're interested in, chances are our beer tour will pique your interest, with the opportunity to learn about and sample just some of the regions 400+ beers whilst brewery hopping. If your hungering for something a little more physical, boy have we got options. Like the sound of kayaking the Main and Pegnitz rivers, or maybe you're even more daring than that, in which case the rock climbing routes around Bamberg are your literal playground. Whatever you choose, save some energy for tonight - we've got a reputable local DJ coming on board..".

13. Bamberg To Nuremberg
A little city with a big reputation, stepping into Nuremberg means taking a journey back in time, to the beginning of WWII and even further, given the city's previous status as the undeclared capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Exploring on a guided bike tour is for sure the best way to get up to speed on anything and everything Nuremberg, from the pivotal role it played during the war, to the highly publicised trails in the years that followed. If it's the city's culinary reputation you're more interested in, you're in luck, our 'Spice is Nice' Optional is all about tracking the historic spice route, and of course sampling the city's famous gingerbread. On board, it's all happening; a historic talk, and a beer mixology class. Sounds like you've got some decisions to make..

14. Nuremberg To Regensburg Via Kelheim
A quick early morning stop off here to stretch your legs, before it's onwards to Regensburg. 2000 years of history accumulates in Regensburg, and we're going to give you the low down in just one hour - how's that for the short version? On route, we'll pit stop at the world's oldest sausage restaurant, then it's back to it with a birds eye view hike around the city. If you've been accustomed to the water life, we're guessing our canoe or kayak excursion through the Danube Gorge is more your jam. But then again, this place IS the home of BMW, so it would be rude not to pay a visit to the factory to learn about German's finest piece of engineering. Tonight is our last as a group, so let's go out on a high, and given the fact that Regensburg offers the highest concentration of bars per square mile, it won't be difficult...

15. Disembark At Regensburg
After one more blissful sleep, we're sad to say it's all over. River cruising, you're our new favourite way of travelling

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